Innovon Tech's end-to-end Mainframe service offerings

Innovon Tech’s end-to-end Mainframe service offerings


Advisory and Consulting​

Innovon Tech’s advisory and consulting services provide business model and operating model definition, program roadmap definition, business case development, business process re-engineering, execution strategy, program inception, program management and organization change management.



We integrate human-centered digital design into Digital portals to optimize customer experience through sales and distribution management, marketing automation, and BPM solutions and services.


Enhancement Services

Enhancements includes changes to user interface and business rules, as well as integration of mainframe with external systems.

We also offer testing and deploying the enhancements in rapid pace.


Data Conversion and Reporting

Innovon Tech employs a business data migration strategy that efficiently extracts and migrates legacy data and provides report rationalization.


Quality Assurance

Our Mainframe practice provides end-to-end testing, including systems integration, stabilization, automation, performance and user acceptance testing. We use proprietary frameworks, tools and solution accelerators coupled with proven QA processes and best practices.



Innovon Tech’s Upgrade Factory carries out technical and functional upgrades of implemented functionality in the Mainframe application. We upgrade application databases, implement screen configurations and business rules, and build the mainframe of interfaces to other applications. We use our Center of Excellence and lab environments to upgrade the installed client mainframe software, fully test it and resolve defects.


Managed Services

Innovon Tech provides product monitoring, support and maintenance, regulatory and functional enhancements, new enhancement rollouts and integration support.


Cloud Offering

Our cloud-enablement strategy and transformation services help insurers realize their cloud strategy. Our cloud services include cloud assessment and readiness, re-hosting, replatforming, migration to cloud.

Offerings that help you transform your business

If you’re a carrier looking to transform your business, Innovon Tech’s end-to-end Mainframe service offerings can help you achieve your goals. How? Through differentiated digital channels, faster speed-to-market for new enhancements, modernization of your IT platform, and enablement of scalable business throughput. We can also help you to achieve TCO reduction for your IT and business processes.

Innovon Tech has delivered industry-leading services across the globe that have helped insurers achieve successful business transformation. 

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