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Transform your P&C insurance business and IT ecosystem

Modernize your business with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ and Guidewire InsuranceNow™ through Innovon Technologies’s Guidewire practice

Insurers are facing increased competitive pressures largely driven by the rapid, widespread emergence of new technologies and customer demand for the experiences these technologies offer. Striking a balance between profitable growth and controlled operating costs, while also managing the unrelenting need to respond to market demands, makes it crucial for you to digitize
every journey by adopting modern, core platforms along with an enabling
ecosystem of complementary products. This requires more than simply replacing or modernizing legacy systems to improve your processes. Instead, it becomes essential that you envision and build a new digital enterprise, develop roadmaps that address immediate needs and anticipate future requirements. Done right, embarking on such a transformation can open new business avenues that drive growth. This is why many carriers are investing in leading industry solutions like Guidewire. Innovon Technologies’s Guidewire Center of Excellence, complemented by cutting-edge digital engineering practices, helps you proactively respond to market disruptions by fundamentally transforming your business model. Innovon Technologies’s Guidewire Center of Excellence delivers value through four key tenets:
• Innovation through guilds
• Nurturing of talent through communities
• SAFe based, Guidewire specific agile implementation frameworks
• Pod-based delivery comprised of team members who are cross-functional, full-stack, autonomous and enabled to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Innovon Technologies is a Global Premier member of the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ program. We are recognized for participating in active implementations, developing go-to-market skills by region and achieving specializations. Innovon Technologies’s end-to-end approach to Guidewire implementations leverages Guidewire assets as a catalyst to transform your entire ecosystem. With our specialized Guidewire approach, you can connect legacy systems while integrating new capabilities like digital, cloud and infrastructure services. This improves speed-to-market, decreases loss ratios and reduces operational costs.

Modernize and digitize your IT ecosystem.

Achieve your business-transformation goals. As a Guidewire Global Premier PartnerConnect consulting partner, Innovon Technologies has one of the largest Guidewire ecosystem services teams, as well as thousands of insurance industry associates worldwide who provide services across the implementation lifecycle. Our associates are in customer premises and in Innovon Technologies’s regional delivery centers (RDCs) located across the globe. Innovon Technologies’s approach reduces implementation
risks and costs by eliminating the need to use multiple vendors to manage a Guidewire project. We work with seven of the 10 largest global insurers, giving us unparalleled knowledge that we bring to every Guidewire engagement. In addition to large-scale, complex implementations and business transformations, we work with mid-sized and smaller companies, leveraging our cloud and digital expertise to provide flexible-as-a-service models that suit their business needs. Our Guidewire suite of services enables successful business transformation and maximizes return on investment.

Guidewire InsuranceNow services from Innovon Technologies can transform your IT ecosystem

If you’re an insurer that writes low-complexity business, is constrained by limited IT resources or that needs a streamlined, ready-to-go core solution in the cloud, then Guidewire InsuranceNowTM ticks all the boxes. InsuranceNow enables you to replace outdated systems quickly, increasing business agility. It also simplifies your transformation project with thoughtful design that is purpose-built to streamline implementation and operations. InsuranceNow’s all-in-one design means that all functions are on the same system, enabling faster upgrades, testing and training. Being cloud-based, the system automatically scales in response to business demands, ensuring business continuity. Through rapid implementation, cloud operations, assurance services and regular upgrades, InsuranceNow provides insurers the freedom to focus on innovation and service. With InsuranceNow, you can achieve fast, predictable delivery through standardization and lower TCO. InsuranceNow installs as one core application, which enables you to bring up policy, claims and billing all at once. This efficiency significantly reduces implementation time and costs while eliminating painful temporary workarounds and integrations that often require heavy IT resources. One of the many benefits of an all-in-one design is that everything comes integrated out of the box. This eliminates the challenges of systems that were acquired over time and sewn together. InsuranceNow and your data are backed by the
comprehensive disaster recovery plan provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your business continuity. With region-to-region failover and multiple availability zones, you can be confident that your business won’t be interrupted. Innovon Technologies is a proud partner of InsuranceNow with a strong delivery team that has implemented the solution across 45 insurers in the past nine years. Innovon Technologies was the first partner to gain InsuranceNow specialization status with InsuranceNow certified resources. Innovon Technologies has started a partner-lead implementation for an InsuranceNow customer, owning endto- end product implementations, including automated testing and data conversion. We deliver InsuranceNow services through our regional delivery centers in North America and India. Our InsuranceNow suite of services enables successful business transformation and maximizes return on investment for insurers.

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