Systems Integration

In today’s digital world, the need for expert system integration services is becoming increasingly urgent. As organizations aim to provide seamless services that extend from their core systems to modern customer-facing applications, they are integrating data and functionality from a growing number of internal and external sources, compelling organizations to ensure the quality integration of their mission-critical systems, including accuracy, integrity, and data privacy. 

Innovon Technologies has decades of extensive experience in bringing together various systems and technologies for Clients, integrating critical data from traditional and emerging sources and exchange data effectively, improving efficiency, streamlining workflows, and reducing costs.

The Objective

Innovon Technologies has expertise in identifying the systems and technologies that need to be integrated, designing an integration architecture, and testing and validating the integrations to ensure that it meets the desired objectives. We also deliver a system integration strategy which is flexible, aligned with the organization’s overall IT and business goals, and developed and executed by experienced professionals with the necessary expertise. We develop a successful system integration strategy, so that Clients can improve efficiency, streamline workflows, and reduce costs, while delivering seamless and secure experiences for their customers and stakeholders.

Services - Systems Integration


We provide expert guidance on leveraging technology to drive growth and efficiency. We meticulously design solutions tailored to meet specific business needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. We employ cutting-edge technologies and best practices to deliver robust, scalable, and user-friendly software applications.


Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest cloud technologies and migration strategies, ensuring a smooth and secure migration process. From data transfer and application migration to infrastructure setup and post-migration support, we handle every aspect of the cloud migration journey, enabling our clients to unlock the full potential of cloud computing and reap its numerous benefits.


We specialize in supporting legacy systems in Mainframes/AS400 and integrating with modern applications and platforms, allowing businesses to leverage the functionalities of their existing investments while embracing new technologies.


We utilize top-tier quality assurance processes to ensure the reliability and performance of integrated systems. This encompasses a comprehensive range of testing procedures, including functional testing, integration testing, performance testing, and security testing. We guarantee that the integrated systems meet the highest standards of excellence in terms of functionality, seamless integration, optimal performance, and stringent security measures.


We develop custom APIs that allow different systems to communicate and exchange data securely. This enables the integration of third-party applications, partner systems, and mobile applications with your existing IT infrastructure.


Our dedicated team ensures that the integrated system operates at an optimal level, providing continuous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and timely resolution of any issues that may arise. We understand the criticality of a well-functioning system and are committed to delivering the highest level of support to ensure seamless operations and exceptional performance.

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